Why do we need to protect our identity?

In the previous post this author had raised some fundamental and elementary questions pertaining to the value of identity and its cause. The essential element was, what is the value of identity and why should we protect it. In order to approach the topic it’s pertinent to define the term “identity” before we attempt to […] Read more

Questions: What’s The Value of Identity and What is Its Cause?

In the last post this author deliberated on the growing narratives in the social-discourse, both of which are either biased right-of-centre or left-of-centre. However is there a real reason to take an objection to either of these ideologies. To uncover this, we’ll essentially have to go back to the roots of these ideologies. Religious fundamentalism […] Read more

Clamouring narratives in social-discourse

When I chose to pursue my graduation in Electronics, I was assuming with all the creative cognitive faculty at my disposal that since science contributes to the progress of the larger humanity, I’d possibly be able to participate and contribute to this noble endeavour. However, with 20 years of corporate experience under my hat, I’ve […] Read more